Shahrukh Mirza

2019-03-13 Wed

Today on this day in 1447, Shahrukh Mirza, Timurid ruler of Persia and Transoxania died.

Shahrukh Mirza ruled the Timurid Empire between 1405 to 1447AD. He was a son of Central Asian conqueror Timur, who founded the Timurid Dynasty in 1370.

Shahrukh controlled the main trade routes between Asia and Europe, including the Silk Road, and became immensely wealthy as a result. He made Herat his capital.

During the reign, he introduced silver ‘Shahrukhis’ in early fifteenth century A.D. These coins were thin broad pieces which illustrate ‘Kalima’ with the names of four ‘Khalifas’ in the margin on its obverse. The reverse side of the coin included the king’s name and in the margin were his titles along with the name of the mint and date. Depicted here is a silver Tanka issued by him in 828 AH from Sabzawar mint.

Image Source: www.vcoins.com