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Vietnam’s Trump Kim Summit Stamp

13 Mar 2019  Wed

Vietnam commemorated the Hanoi summit between President Donald J. Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un on a postage stamp issued Feb. 26.

The design of this 4,000-dong commemorative includes several symbolic images. Most prominent are the Vietnamese flag in the upper left, the colorful peace dove below the flag, and the heart-shaped handshake of the flags of North Korea and the United States.

The stamp also depicts other images related to Vietnam. A bamboo forest is illustrated on the right; and Khue Van Cac, a pavilion in the Temple of Literature selected as the symbol of Hanoi in 2012, on the right.

Partnership for Sustainable Peace” is inscribed under the colorful peace dove, and “DPRK-USA Hanoi Summit Vietnam” is in the lower right. The stamp was designed by Nguyen Du and To Minh Trang of Vietnam Post and issued in a pane of eight. The selvage includes the English-language inscriptions that are on the stamp, as well as a lotus symbol.

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