Rare Pudsey Bear £5 notes of 2015 to be Auctioned

2019-03-12 Tue

On 28th March, Dix Noonan Webb is going to offer a Bank of Scotland £5 note issued on 17th July 2015, with the serial number PUDSEY05, for an estimated value of £12,000 to £16,000 in London. For the first time, Dix Noonan Webb’s sale would be exclusively offering British and Irish banknotes.

Only 50 such notes exist and all of them were produced by hand. They were released to celebrate the country’s first polymer notes and Bank of Scotland’s partnership with BBC Children in Need. The note is being offered in its original presentation wallet with a certificate of authenticity.

Pudsey Bear notes were sold for charity and featured a gimmicky image. However, since they are considered as legal tender, they are in great demand among collectors. The market value of these notes has also increased gradually over the years. The same note was originally sold for £1,500.

A £100 note in Very Fine grade from the Bank of England, stamped “Manchester, 14 September 1925 is being offered at the auction for an estimated value of £6,000 to £8,000. Most notes of the Bank of England were issued in London. The ones issued from other branches, especially with early dates are rare to find.

The note depicts a stamp of Manchester and County Bank in Rawtenstall, suggesting the places it had been. Bank of England was one of the last provincial banks in the UK, which remained operational until 1935. A £50 note from Manchester, issued in 1927 will also be offered at an estimated value of £2,400 to £3,000.

Image Courtesy: Dix Noonan Webb