Highlights from the Dimitris Bertsimas Collection of Great Britain

2019-03-11 Mon

Robert A. Siegel International is going to offer interesting postage stamps from the Dimitris Bertsimas collection of Great Britain on 19th March at Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries, 6 W. 48th St., 9th Floor, New York. Dimitris stressed on the importance of participating in auctions when important collections become available, apart from acquiring knowledge from resources and experts.

Most of the stamps from the Dimitris Bertsimas collection earlier belonged to Sir Gawaine Baillie collection and the William H. Gross collection. Stamps form the Sir Gawaine Baillie collection, were bought in a 2005 auction while those from the William H. Gross collection were bought in a 2007 auction.

1840 line-engraved issues, the 1935 2½-penny Prussian blue error of colour on the King George V Silver Jubilee issue are some of the highlights. Another stamp to look out for is the lightly hinged 1890 £1 brown lilac Queen Victoria Official on paper watermarked orbs. It has a listed market value of $100,000. Almost 12 such stamps have been studied by experts and it’s very difficult to evaluate them. Bertsimas had acquired this stamp from the Baillie collection sale.

The finest known example of an unused 1882 £1 brown lilac Queen Victoria on blued paper is also going to be offered. The stamp features good centring and fresh colours. Experts believe that only 20 to 30 examples exist in original-gum condition, out of which, a very few feature well-centred designs. This stamp was acquired from the Gross collection. It has a listed market value of $155,000, and is being offered for an estimated value of $75,000 to $100,000.

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Image Courtesy: Robert A. Siegel International