Mu'ayyad al-Dawla of Buyid dynasty

2019-03-07 Thu

The Buyid dynasty was an Iranian Shia dynasty of Daylamite origin. It was founded by Ali Ibn Buyah, who in 934 conquered Fars and made Shiraz his capital. At its greatest extent, the Buyid dynasty encompassed most of today's Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Syria, along with parts of Oman, the UAE, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Abu Mansur Buya also was known as Mu’yyad al-Dawla was the Buyid amir of Hamdan, Jibal, Tabaristan, and Gorgan. He was born on 7th March 942 to Rukn al-Dawla. During the reign, he issued various gold and silver coins.

Depicted here is gold Dinar issued during his reign from Suq al-Ahwaz mint. The obverse of a coin has legend ‘La Ilaha Illahu Wahdahu La Sharika Lah Al Muti Rukn al-Dawla Abu Ali Buyi’ within a field. The reverse of a coin depicted the legend ‘Lah Muhammadur Rasulullah’.

Image Source: Google Images