Antoninus Pius

2019-03-07 Thu

Today on this day in 161, Antoninus Pius, one of the Five Good Emperors of Rome was died. During his reign Rome reached its peak of peace and prosperity.

He was born in 86 in the Italian town of Lanuvium. He entered the Senate and took the usual career path of Roman leaders, moving from minor offices to provincial governor.

The Senate gave him the title ''Pius'' (meaning ''dutiful'') after his accession to the throne. His reign is notable for the peaceful state of the Empire, with no major revolts of military incursions during this time.

He died of illness in 161 and was succeeded by his adopted sons Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus as co-emperors.

During the 23 years of reign he issued various silver and gold coins. Depicted above is a silver Denarius struck in 140 AD. The obverse of a coin has a portrait of Atoninus Pius and reverse depicts the bust of his adoptive son Marcus Aurelius.

Image Source: wikipedia.org