Bighorn Sheep Stamped Envelope from Canada

2019-03-06 Wed

A new non-denominated (90¢) permanent rate stamped envelope featuring a Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep was released by Canada Post in January. The sale of these envelopes began on 14th January. The envelope features an imprinted stamp design similar to the $4 Sheep stamp that was issued on 10th October 2018. The 2018 stamp belongs to Canada’s Wildlife series.

The envelope can be purchased separately for $1.24 or as a part of a 10-envelop package for $10. The remaining envelopes from the package also feature designs of other stamps from the Wildlife series. They were also earlier available from Canada Post.

Apart from Canada, the bighorn sheep is mostly found in North America. It is known for its huge horns which can weigh up to 14 kilograms while the sheep itself can weigh up to 140 kilograms. It has three subspecies, out of which one is endangered. The sheep originally crossed over to North America from Siberia and their population gradually started increasing. They also became a part of several mythological stories of Native Americans. There was a sudden decline in their population by early 1900s because of diseases introduced through European livestock and overhunting.

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Image Courtesy: Canada Post