Geological Survey of India

2019-03-05 Tue

One of the older government organisation in the world and second old survey in India, Geological Survey of India was established today on 5th March 1851. This organisation is associated with the office with the Ministry of mines of Union Government of India.

GSI conducts geological surveys and studies and the prime provider of basic earth science information to the Indian government. It is also the most responsive participant in the international geoscientific fora, coal, steel, metals, power and cement industries.

The first phrase ‘Geological Survey of India’ was used by William’s Map of the Damoodah and Adji Great Coal Field. GSI made some outstanding contribution to seismology via its meticulous investigation, studies and detailed report of earthquakes that struck 19th and 20th century.

To commemorate this oldest organization of Indian government India post issue a stamp in 2001.

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Image Courtesy: Mintage World