First Stamp of Kyrgyzstan

05 Mar 2019  Tue

Issued in the year 1992, the first stamp of Kyrgyzstan was a commemorative stamp depicting the Sary-Chelek Nature Preserve.

The postal history of Kyrgyzstan began when the nation declared independence in August 1991. Under the Soviet Union, the Kyrgyz SSR postal service was an integral part of the Soviet system. When Kyrgyztan became a republic, the postal system was shifted under new administration.

Kyrgyzstan issued its first postage stamp on 4 February 1992, a single design depicting the Sary-Chelek Nature Preserve in Jalal-Abad Province. The stamp comes with the denomination of 15 Russian kopeks and depicts a beautiful and picturesque landscape of the park.

The stamp is inscribed with the name of the park along with the year of issue on the top. The name of the country as well as the denomination value is seen at the bottom. The country's name was given in both Cyrillic and Latin letters.

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