3rd Independence Anniversary Stamps of Kyrgyzstan

2019-03-05 Tue

Kyrgyzstan post celebrated the 3rd Anniversary of Independence on 31st August 1994 with a set of two stamps.

Kyrgyzstan, officially the Kyrgyzstan Republic, is a landlocked country in Central Asia. Once, a part of Silk Route, Kyrgyzstan was at the crossroads of other commercial and cultural activities. In the late nineteenth century Kyrgyzstan, was ceded to the Russian Empire. Kyrgyzstan turned to communist philosophy along USSR. On 5 December 1936, the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic was established.

When USSR started to disintegrate, ethnic tensions between Uzbek and Kyrgyzstan surfaced. On 31 August 1991 Kyrgyzstan declared independence from Soviet Union and declared itself as the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. To commemorate the freedom struggle Kyrgyzstan Post issued a set of two stamps on the 3rd Anniversary of the independence of the Country.

The stamps come with the denominations of 120 Kyrgyzstani tyiyn and 130 Kyrgyzstani tyiyn and depict Map of Kyrgyzstan in red on blue background and UN emblem, flag and building respectively. The stamp is inscribed in Russian at the bottom and with te denomination value and the year of issue at the top.

Image Courtesy: https://colnect.com

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