Akbar’s Gold Mohur Listed For INR 60,000

05 Mar 2019  Tue

This gold mohur which weighs around 10.89g was issued by Mughal Emperor Akbar. The Mughal Empire hardly needs any introduction; it’s one of the famous dynasties ruled India for almost 280 years. The rule of the Mughal Empire is known as the golden period in Indian history. It was started with the victory of Babar with the victory over Ibrahim Lodi in First Battle of Panipat in the year 1526.

Coins issued by the Mughal Empire has a unique place in the history of Indian Numismatic. They have provided the best example of coinage in terms of art and wealth.

This gold mohur is listed for INR 60,000 in the upcoming auction of Imperial auction which will be held online on 10th March 2019.

Image Courtesy: Imperial Auction

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