Lord Shiva on Kushan Coins

10 May 2021  Mon

Today on the eve of Mahashivaratri the devotee of Lord Shiva will gather on the various adobe of the lord through the country to homage to him. Lord Shiva is the most simple yet most mysterious god of Indian philosophy and mythology. Throughout his sub-continent, Shiva is worshiped in the form of jotirlings. In India lord Shiva is depicted in iconography, painting, structures, and coins.

The gold dinar of Kushan king Vasudeva depicted three-headed Shiva on its reverse side in standing position facing before Nandi bull, holding a trident in right and noose in left and tamgha in upper right field with legend ‘Ohpo’ in lower left field.

The obverse of this coin illustrates king standing nimbate position towards left while holding a trident to right and making an offering at an altar to left. Above is a garlanded trident with Kharoshti legend Paonanopao Bazoho Kopano.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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