Copper two Paisa of Jaora State

2019-03-02 Sat

Jaora Princely State was part of Malwa Agency of Central India. They traced their origin from Tajik Khel tribe of Afghans, who had matrimonial relations with Yusufzai clan and later settled in Swat valley.

Muhammad Ismail was the Nawab of Jaora Princely state from 1865 to 1895 AD. During the reign, he issued copper coin in the denomination of Paisa from Jaora mint.

The above-shown copper two paise has also belonged to his reign. This coin depicts the flag, value of coin ‘Do Paisa’ (written in Persia) with Hijri date 1310 within a rayed double circle. Devanagari legend “Sarkar Jaora” and Vikram Samvat date 1950 in the margin. The reverse of the coin depicts mint name 'Zarb Sarkar Jaora' within double circle and Legend ‘H.H. THE NAWAB OF JAORA’ with AD date 1893.

Image Source: Mintage World