Highlights from the Upcoming Siegel Auctions

2019-03-01 Fri

Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries will be organising two auctions from 11th to 15th March in New York City. The first auction would be offering interesting US stamps from Angel collection of international mails, a collection of provisionals by New York postmaster, the Adriatic collection of the 12¢ 1869 pictorial issue, Baltimore “red” foreign-mail cancels from Edward Field collection, Stampless covers from the collection of Calvet M. Hahn and postage stamps of Confederate States.

1845-46 New York 5¢ postmaster’s provisional stamps including stamps off cover, essays, proofs etc. will also be offered. This set includes a 5¢ stamp on blue paper without signature. Only four such examples exist today. The offered stamp has large margins, proof-like condition on deep blue paper and small shallow scuffs at the top. It has a listed market value of $25,000. However, it is difficult to evaluate these stamps accurately.

On 14th and 15th March, the Adriatic collection of the 12¢ 1869 pictorial issue, a collection of the 1863-68 Black Jack issues, the Brian M. DeBroff set of Panama-Pacific issues which is the finest graded set of all time in P.S.E.’s set registry, will be up for sale.

An 1883 American Bank Note Co. special printing of the 4¢ deep blue-green Andrew Jackson stamp is another highlight. The stamp doesn’t have gum and has a right sheet selvage. The colours are rich, paper is crisp, and the design is well-centred with balanced margins. Only 26 such stamps exist today, and all of them are unused. It has a listed market value of $47,500.

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Image Courtesy: Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries