Latest UNPA Stamps to Highlight Social Issues

2019-02-28 Thu

On 15th March, the UNPA would be releasing three new definitive stamps on the themes - “Stop Sexual Exploitation and Abuse,” “Gender Equality” and “Migration”, at the March Party stamp show in Strongsville, Ohio.

The new 85¢ Stop Sexual Exploitation and Abuse stamp can be used from the U.N. post office in New York City. The idea is to create global awareness about sexual exploitation and its effects on victims. The 1.50-franc Gender Equality stamp can be used from the U.N. post office at Geneva. UNPA believes that Gender equality is important for building a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. The €1.80 Migration stamp can be used from the UN post office at Vienna. Through this stamp release, the UNPA hopes to create more awareness about the advantages of migration and the problems that could occur when migration is not managed systematically.

Created by artist Chris Gash, Lowe-Martin Group of Canada printed the stamp in sheets of 20 suing offset lithography and hexachrome technique. 140,000 85¢ stamps in 7,000 sheets have been released along with 170,000 stamps in 8,500 sheets each for the other two stamps.

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Image Courtesy: The UNPA