Glimpse in South Korean Society through Stamps

2019-02-28 Thu

A set of four stamps issued on 1st July 1949 shows different aspects society of South Korea.

The country is located in southern portion of the Korean Peninsula among East Asian Regions; the first stamps of South Korea were issued on 1 February 1946. Hence, the postal affairs began. Since then South Korea has been issuing many stamp depicting the different aspects of society, economy, culture and history.

This set of four stamps is one of the early stamps exhibiting the Society of the country. The stamps were issued with the denominations of 15 Won, 1 Won, 2 Won, 5 Won and were issued on issued on 1st July 1949.

The stamps depict Korean boy and girl, Postman, Worker and factory and Rice harvesting. They are inscribed with the name of country at the top and the denomination value at the bottom is the local scrip and language.

Image Courtesy: https://colnect.com

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