Silver Dollar on Civil Right Act of 1964 Silver Dollar

27 Feb 2019  Wed

The United States of America had issued this commemorative coin in the year 2014, to honour the 50th anniversary of Civil Right Act of 1964.

The Civil Right Act of 1964 is a landmark of civil right and U.S Labour Law in the United States. Equality in education is one of the cornerstones of this civil right movement. Since from 1964, this civil rights was greatly expanded civil right protection, outlawing racial segregation in public places and places of public accommodation; funding federal programs; and encouraging desegregation in public schools.

The obverse of this coin depicts three people holding hands at civil rights march and a man holds a sign that reads “We Shall Overcome.” The reverse of this coin depicts three flames intertwined to symbolize the freedom of education, freedom to vote and freedom to control one’s own destiny.

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