Mughal Sironj Mint Half-Dam

2019-02-28 Thu

Sironj is one of the oldest city of India, today it is situated in the Indian states of Madhya Pradesh. City Sironj has a mixed population of Hindus, Muslims, and Jains. Most of the people living in Sironj are traders, the city surrounded by the agriculturist community of about 300 villages.

History of Sironj is very interesting; during the medieval period, this city was ruled by Mughals. They were also a part of Malwa region lies on the border of Bundelkhand, this city has also been a Jain Pilgrimage. Sironj was also a part of Nawab of Tonk, which used of border Gwalior State under Scindhias. At the time of independence of India, Sironj was a part of the Tonk state of Rajasthan. Thus, it became a land-locked district of Rajasthan surrounded from all four sides by Madhya Pradesh. Later under the Act of 1956, the state was made a part of Madhya Pradesh.

This Copper Square Half Dam was issued by Mughal Emperor Akbar from the mint Sironj. The weight of this Half-Dam is around 6.6g.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques