Gold dinar of Kushan dynasty fetched a fortune

2019-02-26 Tue

Oswal antiques held an auction in Ahmadabad on 8th Feb. 2019. This auction consists some beautiful and rare specimen from Indian history. The most distinguish and favoured collectable was the gold dinar of Kushan King Kanishka I. This beautiful coin was sold for the exciting price of INR 12,00,000.

The obverse of this coin illustrates the image of King in standing position facing left, it is wearing diadem, headgear, cloak, tunic and boots while holding goad and sceptre. A sacrificing over altar is depicted on left with Bactrian legend “ShAONANO ShAO KANEShKI KOShANO” around it.

The reverse of this coin depicts a male deity wearing a diademed and bearded in standing facing right while wearing a long dress and holding diadem in raised right hand. A horse with reins and rump guard standing facing right with foreleg raised in the backdrop, tamgha in the left field and Bactrian legend “LROOASPO” to right.

Image Courtesy: Oswal antiques