Silver Rupee of Umdat-ul-Umara

26 Feb 2019  Tue

Arcot was a Princely State during the British rule in India. It is situated on the east coast of India between Madras and Calcutta. Arcot is said to be derived from Tamil word ‘Aarukaadu’. Tamil word ‘Aaru’ means ‘river’ and ‘kaadu’ means forest, hence the word ‘Aarukadu’ means a forest of fig trees.

The Nawabs of Arcot issued many coins in copper and a few in gold and silver. The earliest coins were issued in the name of the Mughal emperor. Later, they issued coins in their own name.

Umdat-ul-Umara was a Nawab of Arcot from 1795 to 1801 AD. He issued various silver and copper coins during the reign. These coins were struck in the denomination of Rupee, Paisa, and Cash from various mints such as Arkat, Nahtarnagar, and Tinnevelly.

Depicted here is a silver Rupee issued during his reign. This coin was issued in the name of Shah Alam II from Arkat mint. The obverse of a coin showed the Persian legend ‘Sikka Mubarak Saya Fazl Ilah Hami Din Shah Alam’. While reverse of a coin depicted ‘Sanah 4 Zarb Arkat Julus Mainamat Manus’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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