Coinage of Vijayrajji

2019-02-25 Mon

Kutch was a Princely State spread from present day Kutch and had a boundary of Sindh in the North. It was one of the rare princely states to have a coastline.

Vijayrajji rule the state from 1942 to 1948 AD. During the reign he issued silver and copper coins from Bhuj mint. These coins were known as Trambiyo, Payalo, Kori, Dinglo, Dhabu, and Adhio’.

This beautiful 10 Kori of Vijayrajji was issued jointly in the name of George VI as Emperor of India. The obverse of a coin depicted the Devanagari legend ‘Kori Das Kachchh Bhuj’ and VS date 1999 below within a beaded circular border, the royal insignia of the Jadejas of Kutch comprising of a crescent moon, a trident and a dagger. Clockwise Nagri legend ‘Maharajadhiraj Mirja Maharau Shri Vijayarajji Sawai Bahadur’ inscribed in exergue. The reverse of a coin has Persian legend ‘George 6 Qaiser-i-Hind Zarb Bhuj 1943’ within a floral circle.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery