Silver Denar of Matthias I

23 Feb 2019  Sat

This Silver Denar Matthias I or Matthias Corvinus was struck in the year 1488 when Mattias was Duke of Austria in 1487. Born on 23 February 1443, Matthias I was the son of John Hunyadi, Regent of Hungary. Since his childhood, Mathias lived a struggled life. After the death of his father, Matthias along with his older brother was imprisoned on the orders of King. When the rebellion broke against the King and made him flee the kingdom, Matthias's uncle proclaimed Matthias a king. Matthias began to rule under his uncle's guardianship. Matthias adopted the title of the Duke of Austria since 1487 and then struck coins as a Duke of Austria. The coin depicts Hungarian coat of arms with the legend “M•MATHIE•R•VNGARIE•”. The reverse bears Madonna seated facing, holding infant Jesus with both arms and rosette to right with the legend “PATRON VNGARIE”. Image Courtesy:

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