Coinage of Danujamarddana Deva

2019-02-19 Tue

Raja Ganesha was the first Hindu ruler to sat on the throne of Bengal Sultanate. He established Hindu rule in Bengal and assumed the title ‘Danujamarddana Deva’.

After becoming the king of Bengal, he had tried to control the large part of Bengal. He had also issued the silver coin from various mints such as Pandunagar (Pandua), Suvarnagram (Sanargaon) and Chatigram (Chatgaon). All these coins are extremely rare.

Depicted above silver rupee was issued during his reign from Chatigrama (Chatgaon) mint. The obverse shown the legend "sri sri danuja mardana deva" within double hexagon. The reverse of a coin inscribed the legend "sri chandi charana parayana" within scalloped circle.

Image Source: www.numisbids.com