5C brown A grill stamp

2019-02-18 Mon

A vital rarity of the United States stamps is 5c brown A Grill stamp. It was issued in 1867 and according to philatelist, there are only four specimens of this unique stamp which is cancelled. Out of the four specimens, two are light brown and the other two are in dark brown colour.

The united state was the first country to issue grilled stamp and was the only country till the mid-1870s. After that Peru started issuing such grill stamp. The letter in the stamp name classifies the grill type and this stamp is ‘A’ Grill type which covers the entire stamp.

The finest example of 5c brown grill stamp was auction by Robert A Siegel on 12th December, this stamp fetches around 340,000 dollars.

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Image Courtesy: siegelauctions.com