El Yunque National Forest Commemorative Coin

14 Feb 2019  Thu

El Yunque National Forest is also known as Caribbean National Forest, it is located in northeastern Puerto Rico. This National Forest is the only tropical rain forest in United States National Forest and United States Forest Service.

The word El Yunque in attributed to the Spanish word; it is taken approximately from the Taino Language. The word ‘Yu-Ke’ means white lands or the word ‘anvil’ which is Yunque in Spanish. This is a second tallest mountain within El Yunque is also named El Yunque.

El Yunque National Forest is located on the slopes of Sierra De Luquillo Mountains. This forest has a number of traits from which the jungle-like territory's flora and fauna can be appreciated.

This silver quarter dollar was issued by the United States in the year 2012. This quarter dollar is an 11th overall quarter dollar in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

Image Courtesy: usmint.gov

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