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Justin I- Byzantine Emperor was born

02 Feb 2019  Sat

The Byzantine Emperor (Eastern Roman Emperor), Justin I was born on 2nd February 450. He was born in a peasant family and possibly a swineherd by occupation in his youth.

At the age of 20, he went to Constantinople, where he entered the palace guard. He rose to command of the imperial guard and campaigning against the Isaurians and the Sassanian Persians and was noticed for his bravery. Therefore he seizes power on the death of the childless Anastasius I, Byzantine emperor in 518.

The solidus of Justin I continue the late Roman practice of depicting the emperor on the obverse. On above-shown coin he is shown turned slightly, wearing a military costume and holding a spear; the shield is decorated with a horseman device. The reverse shows Victory holding a long jeweled cross.

A remarkable series of iconographic changes begin as the emperors alternated between pagan and Christian symbols. In either 519 or 522, Justin abandoned the tradition of depicting pagan symbols on the reverse of his coins and seals.

His reign is significant for the beginning of the Justinian dynasty that included his eminent nephew Justinian I and three succeeding emperors.

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