Coin of Amir Mu’izz al-dawla Ahmad b. Buwayh

2019-01-29 Tue

The Buyid dynasty ruled in Baghdad, Western Iraq, and central Iran for over 100 years. Their coinage is one of the earliest and most plentiful regional coinages of the Islamic world. It displays a beautiful variety of inscriptional content that is exceptional.

Muizz al-Dawla was the first Buyid Emirs of Iraq ruling from 945 to 967. He was a son of Buya, a Daylamite fisherman from Lahijan, who had converted to Islam. Ahmad along with his two brothers served the Daylamite military leader Makan ibn Kaki.

In 935/6 he unsuccessfully invaded Kerman and was later sent to Istakhr. Later, he started making incursions into Khuzestan and Iraq. In 945, he was officially recognized as the ruler of Iraq and Khuzestan and had received the title of "Mu'izz al-Dawla" from the Caliph.

Mu’izz al-Dawla issued gold and silver coins during the reign. Represent here is a silver Dirham issued by him. This coin was struck from Tustar min al-Ahwaz mint AH353.

Image Source: numisbids.com