Somalia’s Crazy-Shaped 3D Coins!

17 Mar 2016  Thu

Somalia is not just known for notorious pirates, but also for their extremely unique coins. They come in various sizes, shapes and colours. Some are car-shaped, some, bike-shaped and others guitar-shaped!

This 2008 series is yet another one which will make you go “WOW”! And guess what, these coins commemorate geometric shapes. Who would have ever thought of commemorating something like that! The country’s first 3D coins are in the shape of (From left to right) a Pyramid, a Cube, an Orb, a Cylinder, and a Cone. The coins are made of cupro-nickel and are silver-plated with a denomination of $1. They bear the Coat of Arms of Somalia.

The coins were so popular that the set was re-issued in 2014.