Birth Anniversary of Meghnad Saha

2018-10-06 Sat

Meghnad Saha, an eminent Indian astrophysicist was born on 6th October 1893 at Shaoratoli in Bengal Presidency of British India.

His early education took place at Dhaka. He started his schooling at Dhaka Collegiate School. Later on, he came to Kolkata and joined the Presidency College.

He joined the University of Calcutta as a lecturer. During this time he formulated the Saha Equation. Later he went to the Imperial College of London. He was also served the president of the 21st session of the Indian Science Congress in 1934.

Meghnad Saha belongs to an excellent group of Indian Scientist whose contributions revolutionized specific branches of knowledge and earned universal recognition. He gave the world theory of ionization which explained the origin of stellar spectra.

To mark the birth centenary year of this illustrious figure of Indian science, India post has issued 100 Paisa (1 Rupee) commemorative stamp on 23 December 1993.

Image Source: Mintage World