Joint issue of India and Armenia

12 Sep 2018  Wed

Last time we discussed the upcoming joint issue of India and Armenia, it is printed to honour the National dances of both countries. The Armenian dance theme stamp is designed by Vahagn Mkrtchyan from Armenian Post and Indian dance theme stamp is designed by Suresh Kumar.

In the feature image of this article, a set of two stamps are illustrated, in it the national dance of Armenia ‘Hov Arek’ meaning ‘come breeze’ is performed by four ladies in the traditional blue attire. The second stamp is dedicated to Indian classical dance ‘Manipuri’, this dance represents the story of Shri Krishna in dance form, artist wears the traditional and colourful attires which make this dance style more attractive.

The motto behind this joint issue was to promote the diverse cultural heritage and boost the tourism between both the countries.

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Image Courtesy: PicClick

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