Events this week

10 Feb 2018  Sat

Attending exhibitions and events do not just update our knowledge but it also changes our physical outlook of looking at any objects. Talking about coins, when we hold them in our hands it gives an altogether different feeling. We can reveal the difference of the coin by feeling its texture, relief, symbols, size, and metal. So if you are thinking to start coin collecting as your hobby then you must definitely to go the exhibitions nearby in your city. The following are few of the events this weekend:

10 February- Basler Munzenmesse Basel (Switzerland).

10 – 11 February- San Francisco Area Coin and Collectibles Show (San Francisco).

11 February- 50th Numismatic Fair (Argenteuil).

11 February- 37th Coin, Notes, and Collectible Fair.

To know more details about these exhibitions clickhere.

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