Gold Mohur of Rajesvara Simha

08 Feb 2018  Thu

The coinage of Assam consists of quite alluring and interesting specimens for the collectors and numismatics. The coin minted in gold metal holds the light, when it comes to beauty and perfection. One of the exquisite examples is the octagonal Mohur of King Rajesvara Simha was sold by Todywalla Auctions.

This extremely fine and rare coin of Rajesvara Simha was issued in the Sake year 1675. The obverse of this coin depicts legend in Devanagari script reading ‘Sri Sri Hara/ Gauri Charana Ka/mala Makaranda / Madhukarasya’ with a lion depicted below it on left within the dotted line border. The reverse of this coin depicts legend in Devanagari ‘Sri Sri Svarga/deva Sri Rajesva/ra Simha Nripasya/Sake 1675’ within the dotted and line border.

This gold Mohur was sold for INR 8, 00,000 in Mumbai. While a 1/4th Mohur of King Rajeshvara Simha was sold by Todywalla Auction for INR 1, 20,000.

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