Ahom (Coinage of Assam)

The Ahom Kingdom flourished for a good 600 years in the Brahmaputra Valley of present-day Assam. Ruled by the Ahom dynasty, the kingdom resisted Mughal expansion with great success. The founder of the kingdom, Sukhaphaa, was a Tai prince of the Mong Mao region. He settled with his queens, sons, nobles, officials and their families, and soldiers and established his capital at Charaideo.

Mong Mao, also known as the Mao kingdom, was an ethnic Dai state which controlled a number of small Tai states. These Tai states were chieftainships and were spread along the modern-day frontier of Myanmar and China in the Dehong region of Yunnan. Its capital was situated near the current-day border town of Rutti.

The Ahom kingdom began as a partially independent city-state, also called a mong, located in the upper reaches of the Brahmaputra. It was a wet-rice based agricultural state.

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