Rare 2p Coin Sold for £14000

02 Jan 2018  Tue

An extremely rare limited edition 1971 2p New Pence Coin with a unique print detail is selling on eBay for £14,000. Hundreds of the 2ps are being auctioned. When decimal currency was introduced by England in 1971, all 2p coins in the UK had an inscription ‘New Pence’. The New Pence was replaced with Two Pence in 1982 by the Royal Mint.

Another 50p coin, featuring the Beatrix Potter character Peter Rabbit, with a rare print error, was sold on eBay for £3,999. The coin was released to commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of the author.

The Peter Rabbit 50p is the only coin from Beatrix Potter collection which is still available to buy on The Royal Mint website, for £120. It has a double print error. A black outline has been printed above the original outline.

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