Russia Switzerland Joint Issue

2016-02-08 Mon

Russia and Switzerland celebrated their long term friendship by issuing stamps in collaboration of each other.

Since the Second World War, the two countries were not only bound in diplomatic relations, but also contact between Swiss and Russian people is steadily increasing. To mark the milestone anniversary of these ties, a joint issue was published by Switzerland and Russia.

Each country issue two stamps respectively; each bearing a famous national landmark - Berne’s Tower and Zytglogge tower of Switzerland and Astronomical Clocks of Russia.

Erected during 13th Century the Berne’s tower is the federal capital’s defining landmark and a tourist magnet.

During the 15th century, used as a prison and subsequently as a clock tower, Zytglogge tower was rebuilt from Berne sandstone. It is famous for its special carillon, the ring of bears, lions, a rooster and the god of time, Chronos.

The Kazansky tower depicted on the Russian special stamp is famous as the most imposing feature of Kazansky station.

The stamps not only depict the national landmarks but also are the evidence of a long-term partnership.