Princely State of Wadhwan

28 Oct 2017  Sat

The princely state of Wadwan was situated in the Saurastra region of Gujarat during British Raj. It was established around 1630 CE.

During the colonial period, the British government introduced a system where the native states were allowed to impose a tax for the state's expenditure through stamps. The above-shown stamp is an excellent example of these kinds of stamps.

These stamps prove that taxes have been paid and they act as a legal document. The first prepaid stamp was introduced in the 17th century in Netherlands and later William and Mary of England’s reign in 1653.

The above-shown white stamps depict the court of arms of Wadwan state in the centre. On the top ‘Wadwan State’ is printed in black and denomination 'Half Pice' is printed with a tablet.

The ruler of this state bore the title of ‘Thakur Sahib’. They belong to the Rajput of Jhala dynasty. Wadwan state joined the independent Union of India on 15th February 1948.

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