New Re 1 Currency Note to be Released by RBI

24 Jul 2017  Mon

The Central Bank released an official press report last week stating that RBI will be introducing new one rupee bank notes. The earlier 1 rupee notes that were printed by the Government of India will remain legal tender.

The new notes will be majorly pink and green in colour along with other shades. The bilingual signature of Shaktikanta Das, Secretary, Ministry of Finance will be featured on the notes. Other texts include ‘Government of India’, ‘???? ????? and ‘??????? ????. An image of the new one rupee coin with the new rupee symbol of 2017 will also be featured. A picture of the oil exploration platform in Maharashtra ‘Sagar Samrat’ is also depicted. They would bear the inset letter ‘L’. Other visuals include Ashoka Pillar, a hidden number ‘1’ and the hidden word ‘????’.

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