A Traditional Craft of India: Apa Tani Weave

04 May 2017  Thu

The Indian Peninsula is adorned by vibrant colours of nature. These colours became a part of the daily life of the people on this land through their clothing. These loons of India have its own identities and variations in different parts of India, yet in diversity, it is united due to its quality and artistic brilliance. Today we are going to learn about a brilliant weaving technique called ‘Apa Tani’.

Apa Tani or Tanii is a tribal group situated in the magnificent Zora Valley of Arunachal Pradesh. These people make beautiful and traditional hand weaves from a simple reed loom. The weaving is performed on a semi-curved bamboo tube set which is indigenous in every household of this tribe.

This weave consists of simple and straight designs; the ordinary Tanii cloth gets its effects from the use of a broad-band’s alternating with narrow lines. Its weaves are generally based in blue-green colours with beautiful border work on top and bottom.

To promote this artistic heritage of Indian Textile, India Post had issued a commemorative stamp in 2009.

Some interesting facts: The products used in this weaving are fibres extracted from trees, goat hairs and human hair.

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