Kolbe & Fanning February 2017 Catalogue

2017-02-10 Fri

Kolbe & Fanning’s February 2017 36-lot PDF catalogue on ancient, medieval and modern topics will also be including a wide variety of books and other material like:

A copy of the catalogue of the collection of Charlotte Sophie of Aldenburg, Comtesse Bentinck, presented to her granddaughter.

A first edition set of Crawford’s Roman Republican Coins

An 1821 James Mease’s article on early American medals

W. Elliot Woodward’s rare work on Washington memorial medals, one of 10 copies printed in quarto on English drawing paper.

The catalogue will be distributed to those who are registered on numislit.com. Similar fixed-price PDF catalogues will be offered in the future. Most books in the catalogue are one-of-a-kind.