Buddha on World Stamps!

29 Dec 2015  Tue

Buddhism started with Buddha, which has become one of the most important religions of the modern world. Buddhist philosophy has become a major influence in the world. It is not surprising that a vast number of stamps have been issued remembering the teachings and philosophy of Buddha.

India issued many stamps with different denominations featuring various images of Buddha, which come either in painting or in sculpture. These stamps were released in different occasions such as Buddha Pournima or Mahaparinirvana Din i.e. the birth and death anniversary of Buddha.

Pakistan being a part of Ancient Indian territory also reflects the legacy of Buddhism through a very unique miniature stamp sheet. The stamps come in two denominations of Rs. 7 and Rs. 25. The stamp features the sculpture of fasting Buddha done in Gandhara style.

In Chinese stamps show the Vajryana (third school of Buddhism) tradition of Buddhism. China issued a set of four stamps with the denomination of 120 fien. They feature two female deities i.e. Tara and two Avataras of Buddha.

Many Laotians are Buddhists and this religion has featured prominently on many early stamp issues when Laos was part of French. Strangely enough, the temple depicted on the stamp is located in neighbouring Thailand.

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