Rumour Alert: No 'nano GPS chip' on New 2000 Rupees Note

2016-11-09 Wed

Pictures of the new 2000 Rupees notes were already out in the public domain and the Prime Minster had revealed that they would be soon released. But along with the announcement, several rumours are also circuiting the internet, majorly on WhatsApp that the notes come along with a nano GPS chip which can be tracked with the help of satellite monitoring.

Fake abbreviations like NGC are being used to make the rumour look very real; in fact, even mainstream media has been promoting it.

The RBI has not stated any feature of this sort when they officially announced about the new 2000 rupees notes. The rumours also state that the RBI is not disclosing details about this new feature for security reasons.

Though the technology is executable, it is extremely expensive to be implemented on currency notes of India.

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