First Two Rupee Notes of India

2016-10-17 Mon

The first two rupee notes of India were issued in the portrait of King George VI.

These notes issued on 3rd March 1943 were printed on machine-made white paper. It has RESERVE BANK OF INDIA on the top with “GAURNTEED BY THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT” below it. Two/2/Rupees are seen in central denomination panel with the portrait of King George VI on the right. With the serial number below these notes are signed by the GOVERNER FOR THE RESERVE BANK OF INDIA.

The reverse side depicts reserve Bank Of India in the centre with language panel consisting eight languages on the left side the RBI deal in the centre dividing two /Rupee and water on the right side.

These Two rupees notes were removed from Circulation on 27th October 1957 in India. They were later overprinted to use as a legal tender in Pakistan and were removed from circulation in 1949. These notes were printed and overprinted in Nashik Press.

The portrait on this note is of King George VI who was the last Emperor of India. His reign was engulfing with Great War (World War II), during that time the world was at chaos and India was walking towards new Dawn.