The World’s smallest and largest stamps

10 Oct 2016  Mon

Small and large are opposite to each other. But it creates a great impact when it comes to philately. Does the size of the stamp really matter? Well absolutely yes! It is one of the features which make them unique in its own way.

One of the world’s smallest stamps was issued by the Columbian department of Bolivar in 1863. They are in the denominations of 10 centavos and 1 peso. It measures only 8 x 9.5 mm! Now that’s really tiny, don’t you think?

The standard size of the stamp is 0.87 X 0.98 inch. So you can imagine the size of stamp this stamp!

Another is South Africa’s 'Bantam' stamp which was issued during the Second World War that measured something around 8 X 20mm. People must have had better eyesight that time to view those tiny little stamps. They are small but indeed mighty stamps!

Coming on Largest stamps in the world, China issued one such stamp for use on Express letter. Issued in 1905-12 this stamp measures around 210 X 65 mm.

World’s biggest postage stamp currently is Mother of Emirates postage stamp issued by UAE in 2013. It also holds the Guinness World Records for the largest postage stamp. It is 1.36 X 1.77 meters!

There are much more such smallest and biggest stamps from across the countries. It's such interesting issues that make our Philately interesting and explores our knowledge.

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