The lesser known kings - Traikutaka

2016-09-17 Sat

Traikutaka is the dynasty shrouded in darkness. So far three kings of the dynasty are known to us; Indradatta, Dahrasena, and Vyaghrasena. Out of them, the coins of only two Traikutaka kings are known, Dahrasena, son of Indradatta and Vyaghrasena, son of Dahasena. The silver drachma coins of Traikutakas are a close replica of the Kshatrapa drachms with the stylized portrait of the king to right on obverse and a three-arched hill with a circular legend around on reverse, their legends reads “maharaja indradattaputra parama vaisnava sri maharaja dahrasena” and “maharaja dahrasenaputra parama vaisnava sri maharaja vyaghrasena” respectively.

They were in power in 4th century CE and dominated over coastlands of northern Konkan and some part of Gujarat which was earlier ruled by Abhirasa. Traikutaka kingdom is mentioned in an inscription of the Vakataka ruler Harisena who ruled in the 6th century CE.

Traikutaka coins are found in hoard along with Kshatrapa coins but their direct association is argumentative. Some scholars opine Traikutaka coins of these hoards are chronologically close to concerned Kshatrapa coins and succeeded their portion of their dominance. Others believe that it is possible that they belong to the Abirasa dynasty in Western India after the subjugation of western Kshatrapa.

The coinage of Traikutaka is lurking behind in research, and it needs to be studied in depth for finding answers.