Silver Rupee of Maharaja Mangal Singh of the Princely State of Alwar

2024-06-07 Fri

Alwar was one of the 19 princely states of the former Rajputana, which existed at the time of Indian Independence.

Maharaja Mangal Singh issued this silver rupee during his reign. Mangal Singh was the 6th ruler of the Princely State of Alwar, reigning from 1874 to 1892. Throughout his rule, he minted coins in gold, silver, and copper.

The obverse of this coin features the portrait of Victoria Empress to left. The reverse is inscribed with the legend Maharaj Sri Mangal Singh Bahadur' with the AH date 1891 within the circle and One Rupee and Alwar state in the outer circle.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction