Sasanian King Shahpur’s Gold Dinar

2024-06-05 Wed

Shapur I was the second Sasanian King, ruling from 240 CE to 270 CE, initially as co-regent with his father, Ardashir I, until the latter's death in 242 CE.

Shahpur I was the first Iranian monarch to use the title "King of Kings of Iranians and non-Iranians." Before him, the royal title had been "King of Kings of Iranians." He adopted the new title due to the influx of Roman citizens whom he had deported during his campaigns.

This gold dinar which weighs around 7.37g was issued by King Shahpur I during his rule. The obverse features Bearded Bust of king wearing crenelated crown with earflaps and globe above, Pahlavi legend “The Mazda worshipper, the divine Shahpur” around. The reverse features Fire altar with attendants, in crenelated crowns, facing away from it, Pahlavi legend “Fire of Shahpur” around.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques