Gold Dinara of Kushan Emperor Vasudeva I Sold For INR 120000

2024-06-01 Sat

The Kushan Empire was one of the most prosperous empires of India during ancient times. It was established by King Kujula Kadphises in 78 AD by replacing Indo-Scythians in the northwestern part of ancient India.

Kushan Emperor Vasudeva I (191 CE to 232 CE) was the last of the Kushans. He issued this this gold dinar (7.89g) depicting himself on the obverse and lord Shiva on the reverse. The obverse features King standing facing left, flames on the shoulder, holding a trident in the right hand, making an offering at an altar to left, above which is a garlanded trident with Bactrian legend around. The reverse features Shiva standing facing before Nandi bull, holding a trident in right and noose in left, tamgha in upper left field with label Ohpo all within dotted border.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction