Silver Tanka of Bengal Sultan Daud Shah Karrani

2024-05-16 Thu

Daud Shah Karrani was the last ruler of the Karrani dynasty in the Bengal Sultanate. He was the youngest son of Sulaiman Khan Karrani. Daud Shah Karrani ascended the throne of the Bengal Sultanate in 1572 CE and ruled until 1576 CE.

After ascending to the throne of the Bengal Sultanate, Daud Shah Karrani minted silver coins in the denominations of Rupee and Half Rupee at the mints in Patna, Satgaon, and Tanda.

Daud Shah Kararani issued this Silver Tanka weighing 11.37g. The obverse features the legend Daud Shah Sulaiman Shah Kararani Khallada Allah Mulkahu Wa Saltanahu. The reverse is inscribed with Shahada and the name of the four Caliphs.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction