Extremely rare 'Malaharamari' type Gold Gadyana of King Guhalladeva-III Sold for INR 611000

2024-04-03 Wed

Tribhuvanamalla, also known as Guhalladeva III, was the ruler of the Kadamba dynasty. His reign coincided with that of Shashthadeva-II and Viravarmadeva. Under his leadership, maritime trade flourished, centred around the harbour of Gopaka (now Goa Velha).

This ‘Malaharamari’ type gold gadyana is attributed to Guhalladeva III, reflecting the Kadamba conquest of hill regions in the Deccan plateau.

The obverse of the coin features a majestic roaring Lion with a curled tail facing left and, Elephant goad (Ankusha) symbol to the left. Devnagari legend, “Sri Tribhuvanamalla”.

The reverse of the coin features a Pashupata Shaivite trident with the Devnagari legend “Shri Malaha / ramari” in two lines.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques