King Shashanka: The First Independent Ruler of Gauda Kingdom

2024-04-01 Mon

King Shashanka, the first independent ruler of the Gauda Kingdom in Bengal, reigned during the 7th century. His capital was at Karnasuvarna, present-day Murshidabad in West Bengal. King Shashanka is credited with creating the Bengali calendar.

King Shahshanka issued this Gold Dinara weighing 5.84g. The obverse features Nimbate Shiva, seated in Rajaleela-asana on Nandi the bull, holding a trident; Brahmi legend Shri Ja below. The reverse features Nimbate Lakshmi, seated on a lotus, holding a lotus bud in one hand and a stylised bloom in the other; Brahmi legend Shri Shashanka to the right.

Image Courtesy : Classical Numismatic Gallery